Five signs you're a sociology major



More about Ball State's sociology program: 

  • The sociology department offers three different degrees: a bachelor's degree, a teaching degree and a master's degree, as well as an option to minor in the field.
  • Alpha Kappa Delta is Ball State's honor society for junior, senior and graduate sociology students.
  • American Sociological Association is a national organization the department encourages sociology students to become involved with. 

1. “People ask, ‘What are you going to do with that?’” –Grace Kelly, a senior

A degree in sociology actually opens a lot of doors after graduation. One of the cool things about this broad liberal arts education is it provides flexibility in the job market, ranging from teacher, programmer, social worker, sales representative… the list goes on and on.

2. “You know North Quad like the back of your hand.” – Abby Stellwagen, a junior

To a lot of students, North Quad is simply the place you go for advising meetings. To sociology majors, it’s where they spend the majority of their days.

3. “People ask, ‘Why didn’t you just major in psychology? It’s the same thing.'” – Kelly

While both majors are similar, they’re not the same thing. Psychology is about the individual and his/her behaviors, while sociology is about the society and how humans interact with each other.

4. “When you can’t be in large groups of people without analyzing the interactions.” – Dani Staley, a senior

When you’re trained to notice the interactions between people, it’s kind of difficult to stop.

5. “You use words like heteronormativity, intersectionality, dramaturgical self and ethnocentrism every day.” –Stellwagen

Heteronormativity:  a belief that heterosexuality is the normal and natural expression of sexuality. 

Intersectionality: a term that describes the ways oppressive institutions are interconnected and cannot be examined separately. 

Dramaturgy: the idea that human interactions are dependent on time, place and audience.

Ethnocentrism: evaluations of other cultures by the standards and customs of one's own culture.


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