Byteing Question Responses: What is the worst cover art/poster you have seen for a game/movie?

Ian Pemberton

Megaman. I mean, come on. It's just like... It's as though a great artist got severely inebriated on something, and then was told only that the name of the game was Megaman and the descriptions of the characters. It's just... It's like nightmare-fuel but less horrifying.


Photo Credit: Dorkly

Dalton Martin (@DaltynMartyn)

Rocky V has one of the worst posters for a movie ever. What is it even supposed to convey? It's just a gold chain necklace in a "V" shape because some idiot in marketing thought it would be clever to just highlight the Roman numeral for 5.

Compared to posters for the rest of the series, this poster, much like it's movie counter-part, will go down as the worst in the franchise's beloved history. The movie sucked, the poster sucked, and Rocky V will forever remain as one of the biggest pieces of crap ever in cinema.

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Adam Sellers (@AdamWSellers)

Batman Arkham City Game of the Year Edition. It's just 50% Batman and 50% reviews.

Photo Credit: IGN

Chase Streetman (@GalledGiatric)

It is 1000% the cover for Karnaaj Rally for the Gameboy Advance. Literally, just look at this garbage. Who is this man? Why is this car traveling across realities?


Photo Credit: Dorkly

Nick Dowell  (@ncdowell)

Who even is Russell Grant? Why does he get a game? Why does this game even exist? Why do I have to see his face on the game that is obviously my favorite DS title? There are too many questions and I really don't think the stars will answer them for me.


Photo Credit: Dorkly

Jake Doolin (@clingtoascheme)

If you want a good example of just why Konami is the worst (and there are plenty to chose from) just look at the box art for Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow.

While it's original cover looked fine, it was when Konami tried rerelease the game under the "Konami's Best" banner did things turn ugly. Putting the box art inside another box art is a level of poorly designed inception that only Konami could pull off.


Photo Credit: GameFAQs


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