Byteing Question Responses: What game are you most looking forward to this year?

Meghan Duffy @Smalls2233

Twilight Princess HD. No video game console brings better memories to me than the Wii, opening it on Christmas day when I was 10 to that console was magical. Twilight Princess was one of the games I got with it originally so it's also wrapped up in that incredible feeling of joy I get when I think of the Wii. Because of that I'm beyond excited for this game to release in March.

Chase Streetman @Galledgiatric

As much hype as I have for Doom 4 (thank god the series is going back to its roots), I can't wait for Dark Souls 3. I'm so incredibly excited for the latest journey into Drangleic/Lordran that I'm replaying Dark Souls 2 and Demon's Souls right now. I have a problem.

Conner "Hyped for Cuphead" Nolan @nonnercolan

CUPHEAD. If your answer is not Cuphead, watch the trailer and get your priorities in line. I'm serious. Go buy Cuphead day one. Cuphead. #@!%ing Cuphead (coming to Steam and Xbox One, not sponsored).


Mass Effect Andromeda

Jake Doolin @clingtoascheme

Of course I'm super hype about a ton of Nintendo games (Fire Emblem, Pokkén Tournament, Twilight Princess) but the game that has me most excited right now is Firewatch. The people at Campo Santo have been pretty tight lipped about the story of Firewatch, which has made very beautiful trailer they release all the more mysterious. I just cant wait to venture into the Wyoming wilderness next month.


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