NewsLink Indiana Weather Update - 11/12/2015 7:30


MUNCIE, IN (NewsLink Indiana) Today in Muncie, we experienced some pretty harsh winds at a constant 25-30 mph. The winds will die down just a little bit as we get further into the night. Then they will pick back up tomorrow during the day. So tomorrow will look fairly similar to what today was but with a high of only 46 and a low of 29. The sun will also be shinning brightly. So it might feel a tad bit warmer, but not much. After Friday the winds till drop drastically, but only for a few days, and the highs will start to climb. On Sunday we may reach the 60s! In November that is almost unheard of. Our next chance of rain showers isn't until next Tuesday. Followed with a chance of thunderstorms on Wednesday. So get out and enjoy the nice sunny skies for the next few days before the rain gets here, or before it gets to cold. 


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