Students and administrators react to discussions involving Ball State's Most Outstanding Senior recipient


Chloe Anagnos was announced the recipient for the John R. Emens Outstanding Senior Award. Some students reacted negatively saying she does not represent them.

Anagnos has been involved with the Student Government Association as the vice president and president. She was also named 2014's Miss Ball State. She faced scrutiny two years ago for owning and supporting the Confederate Flag. She told the Daily News that to her the flag is a "seasonal decoration" and she will "defend it until the day I die."

Students criticized the university for choosing Anagnos for this award. In light of this criticism Chloe told the Daily News how she has changed since she first made comments defending the flag.

"I'm graduating from Ball State University more culturally aware and appreciative than when I enrolled four years ago: these four years have changed my life and how I see the world," Anagnos said.

D'marcus Pulce, a vocal critic of Anagnos, says that now the story is no longer about her, but a bigger conversation about race at Ball State.

This conversation was prompted by another student, Chris J. Taylor, when he asked Ball State administrators to release a statement in light of the situation involving Anagnos, and diversity in general. The response he received was to "be careful not to bite the hand that feeds you."

Issues involving transparency between administrators and students were addressed at the forum hosted by SGA. The forum included a question and answer session between students and University President Paul Ferguson.

Reporter Cameron Ridle reached out to Anagnos for comment but she chose to decline the offer.


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