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Madonna falls at BRIT awards

A night that was one to remember for Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith had Madonna falling short.

The pop star took a tumble at this year’s Brit Awards, the English version of the Grammys. The accident occurred when she performed her single “Living for Love.”

At the beginning of her performance, Madonna fell down a staircase after a backup dancer attempted to remove her cape. That cape wasn’t quite as removable as Madonna had hoped. But the show must go on and she got back up and finished her song.

The 56-year-old singer later said she was “fine” and that her cape had been “tied too tight”. She also wrote on her Instagram that, “Nothing can stop me and love really lifted me up,” a reference to the lyrics in her song.

#TheDress color debate

The dress debate that has all of Hollywood taking sides is heating up. A picture of a dress, which first appeared on Tumblr and has had much of the Internet questioning its actual color, has divided celebrities into team-black-and-blue or team-white-and-gold. Here are some Twitter reactions:

Taylor Swift: “I don’t understand this odd dress debate and I feel like it’s a trick somehow. I’m confused and scared. PS it’s OBVIOUSLY BLUE AND BLACK”

Sarah Hyland: “I asked my brother. He agreed with me saying gold and white. Now all he sees in blue and black. What is this sorcery!!! I still see g/w”

Julianne Moore: “@mindykaling @bjnovak what’s the matter with u guys, it’s white and gold.”

Kim Kardashian West: “What color is that dress? I see white & gold, Kanye sees black and blue, who is color blind?”

While celebrity opinions are great, some news outlets have contacted actual scientists to solve the question.

Wired.com interviewed Jay Neitz, a neuroscientist at the University of Washington and Bevil Conway, a neuroscientist at Wellesley College. The scientists gave some fairly confusing explanations. Apparently, the picture of the dress, hits a “perceptual boundary” that causes some people to see white and gold and others to see blue and black.

What the scientists didn’t fully agree on was what color the dress actually is. Neitz went with “probably blue” and Conway settled on blue and orange.  


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