Muncie may implement quiet zone


A proposal to reduce noise pollution in the downtown Muncie area has been met largely with approval. This would involve closing railway crossings.

Muncie hopes to attract more businesses by closing railway crossings in the center of downtown.

Ball State professor, Dr. Michael Hicks, wrote in a 2014 study that silencing horns and closing railways would increase property value by $35 million.

However, some business owners recognize that certain niche businesses benefit from the railways. Brandon Mundell, owner of Toys Forever, explains how implementing a quiet zone could create losses for certain businesses.

"For my business I think there is some impact," Mundell said. "I think some of my customers would be disappointed."

Nine businesses opened in the downtown area in the past 14 months. The Muncie downtown development commission hopes that closing the railroad crossings will attract even more this year.


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