Four ways to beat the cold


Halfway through winter, some students think the worst is over.  But with ice storms and sub-zero temperatures, it looks like winter is here for a while.

A reputable source, the Farmers Almanac, has been published since 1792. This publication is known for predicting weather, mainly used by farmers in the olden days. They used it to know when to plant crops and to harvest.

From the current Farmers Almanac, this winter is going to be stinging with normal snowfall all the way through the end of February. A snowstorm with significant accumulations possible will likely hit during Feb. 20-23, according to the long-range weather forecast.

 These four tips will help you reach spring break:  


1)     Home Care: Keep furnaces set no lower than 52 degrees. This will help your pipes not freeze with the subzero temperatures.

2)     Car Care: With such frigid temperatures, your car battery may give up. Always keep jumper cables in your car. Allow 5-10 minutes for your car to heat up, especially if you have an older car. Keep windshield wipers in the “up” position, not lying on your windshield.

3)     Personal Care: Don’t stay outside longer than needed and dress in layers. Use gloves or mittens, scarves, hats, boot socks and warm coats on top of normal clothing. Make sure to hydrate and eat plenty of warm foods.

4)     Pet Care: Bring outside pets inside at night or have a heated garage or kennel for them to sleep in. Provide lots of blankets and change water frequently. If your pets do stay outside, it may be best to purchase a heated water bowl.


Keeping an emergency pack in your vehicle or in your bag when walking will help to ensure your safety during the next seven-and-a-half week winter spell.


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