Students use technology to create art

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Click the link to check out the collages and other participants in the CS 120 Art Show.

A good chunk of time and effort can go into editing one photo, but those in a computer science class know that from experience.

Students in CS 120, a class that has only been available for three semesters, were able to display collages that they created at the all-section Art Show.

Three of the winning students that participated described how they used their time on these projects to gain knowledge that they can put forth to use both on the computer screen and in reality.

Andrew Jones, a freshman computer science major, tied with Ashlee Feltis, a senior finance major, for best in show with aesthetic quality. There is definitely a challenge to coding as many of the students at the show described.

“I learned that even if you don't find your own artwork that great, many others might think otherwise,” Jones said. 

Having other people enjoy his work was one of the main highlights that Jones enjoyed from the project.

“Patience is definitely something you have to have when coding,” Feltis said. “Your code won't always work the first time through. It is necessary to analyze it and find the mistake, which takes a lot of patience sometimes.”

JR Pegg, a freshman computer science major, won best in show for code quality. 

“I think my favorite part of coding is when you successfully run it for the first time,” Pegg said. “It gives you a feeling of elation that can be best compared to getting an 'A' in your hardest class after hours upon hours of hard work.”

Each collage had distinct varying elements that differentiated each project from the next. 

“There's no joy in creating something cookie-cutter,” Pegg said. “Any changes to make it your own will show and will bring you more joy in the final product.”

Instructor David Largent was enthusiastic about the students’ works and those who were able to stop by and view the art.


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