Smoking Infographic


E-cigarettes, electronic and tobacco-free, have been available to American consumers since 2006 as an alternative to regular cigarettes. A synthetic nicotine is used in e-cigarettes to give smokers their fix, but very little is known about them. The e-cigarettes are currently not regulated by the FDA,

unless they are used for therapeutic purposes, but consumers can still purchase them online and in malls. The FDA has made plans to regulate the e-cigarettes in order to find out what they contain and to control who has access to them.





Effects of nicotine exposure

  • mood boosts
  • minor depression relief
  • increase in alertness levels
  • stimulated memory, some people rely on the nicotine for certain tasks
  • increase in heart rate and blood pressure
  • abnormal heart rhythms
  • decrease in appetite
  • increased activity in intestines
  • muscle twitching
  • seizures

Some Chemicals found in cigarettes

9979_smoking_online15f.jpg Arsenic: used in pesticides

9978_smoking_online14f.jpg Butane: used in lighter fluid

9977_smoking_online13f.jpg Acetone: used in cleaning solutions, finger nail polish

9976_smoking_online12f.jpg Formaldehyde: used to embalm dead bodies

9975_smoking_online11f.jpg Cadmium: used in batteries

known chemicals in e-cigarettes

9974_smoking_online10o.jpg Diethylene glycol: found in antifreeze

9973_smoking_online09o.jpg Nitrosamines: used in rubber products


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