Greek Life bill still an option for Ball State SGA

Members of Student Government Association will reexamine a co-sponsorship bill that requests $6,000 for Greek Life organizations at their meeting Wednesday.

During the SGA meeting Oct. 16, Jacob Cash and Jonathan Wolfschlag, SGA senators, introduced the Greek Life Co-Sponsorship Allocation bill, which called to include money earmarked for Greek Life organizations in future SGA budgets.

Senators decided to send the bill to the co-sponsorship committee for discussion instead of taking a final vote.

Chris Taylor, SGA deputy chief of staff, said the bill is still on the table. He said the senators may choose to change or hold the bill instead of take a final vote next week.

“We’re waiting to bring it to a vote,” Taylor said. “[We have] one more meeting to discuss it and see if anything will be changed as it is written now.”

Taylor said if the bill is passed, it will resemble a similar guarantee of funds the Big Four multicultural organizations receive from SGA.

The Black Student Association, the Asian American Student Association, the Latino Student Union and Spectrum each receive $1,000 for co-sponsorship funds yearly.

“It’s more of a guarantee,” Taylor said. “You do have this much from SGA. It’s not a direct deposit through account, but you know those funds are available.”

Taylor said it would be up to future executive boards if they would allow Greek Life to apply for co-sponsorship money past the $6,000.

If the bill passes and the money is guaranteed, greek organizations will still have to submit requests to the co-sponsorship committee to use those funds, just like multicultural organizations, Taylor said.

According the Student Government Association Co-sponsorship Guidelines, co-sponsorship funds are not deposited directly to the student organization’s account, but paid through an invoice or as a reimbursement with a receipt.

Funding for apparel, charitable contributions and events with alcoholic beverages are among what will not be granted co-sponsorship approval, according to the document.

The rules also state applications need to show how it would benefit Ball State students or SGA.


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