Classroom locations will not be included in registration

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Class locations will not be available until December for students registering for Spring Semester classes. The new system will assign locations appropriate to class size.

When students register for classes this week, they will be missing one piece of information usually available: physical class locations.

Locations for Spring Semester classes will read “TBA.”

University officials are waiting to determine where classes will take place until after registration to better use classroom space.

Associate Provost Marilyn Buck said by moving to a new class-scheduling software, “Resource 25,” classes will be in appropriately-sized classrooms.

“The university needed a system for class scheduling because Banner does not do that very well,” she said. “R25 will assign classrooms with the purpose to improve efficiency.”

Coordinator of enterprise systems Steve Reed said students should not be upset about the change.

“It’s nothing really to be alarmed about,” Reed said.

Sophomore nursing major Kayln Stensrud said the switch will only make a small change for her.

She looks at time, then professor and finally location when choosing her classes.

“[I look at location last], usually in regards or how far I have to walk from where I live or my last or next class,” Stensrud said. “It does make a bit of a difference for me but it is one of the last things I look at.”

Campus is divided into partitions, where classes for similar majors are grouped together. For example, media classes are in the partition from the David Letterman Communication and Media Building to the Art and Journalism Building.

Reed said the primary partitions will not change, and they will try to avoid classes breaking out of their partitions.

Sophomore education major Niki McCord is worried about her classes being placed too far apart.

“This is bull,” McCord said. “I want to know that I don’t have to go from one end of campus to the other in 10 minutes. I guess we just see how this semester turns out and go from there.”

Buck said it is more important than before that students register on time for their classes.

“The number of students registered for a class section will determine the size of classroom needed, not the class limit which has been established by the department,” she said.

For example, a class with a capacity of 100 that only 40 students sign up for will be placed in an appropriately-sized classroom for the number of students who actually signed up, which may not have been the case before the change.

The room assignments will be posted on schedules during December, by Finals Week.


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