Board of Trustees hosts executive session

The Daily News

The Board of Trustees hosted an executive session at the Ball State Indianapolis Center on Monday to discuss an individual’s “status as an employee.”

Status changes discussed at the private meeting could include change in title, change in salary, retirement, hiring or firing. Ball State spokesperson Tony Proudfoot said he was not familiar with the matter, but said it’s not a safe assumption that it is a matter of hiring or termination.

“Think about any potential personnel item,” he said. “It could be anything related to an employee that would come under the purview or be necessary for the trustees to be aware of.”

Even President Jo Ann Gora reports to the Board of Trustees, so Proudfoot said the matter could involve any of the roughly 3,600 employees at Ball State.

Proudfoot said executive sessions are allowed under Indiana code and popular at most universities.

“They have executive sessions before every public board meeting and they do have ad-hoc meetings from time to time,” Proudfoot said. “Executive sessions are not at all rare or unusual.”