Famed photographer to speak on campus

Shawn Records, a photographer who followed the production of "Where the Wild Things Are," will speak today at 5 p.m. in the Art and Journalism Building Room 225. He will be discussing his experiences behind the lens with his lecture entitled, "My Favorite Things: Some Things I've Made and Some Others That I Wish I Had."

Assistant Professor of Photography Jacinda Russell, who arranged the event, said she had a connection with Records that goes back before his lecture.

"He's actually a friend of mine," Russell said. "We went to the same undergraduate school, Boise State University. He went off to get his MFA at Syracuse University and then moved to Portland, Ore., and we became friends in Portland. He's a teacher there and he's a photographer."

While some of the topics of Records' work vary, Russell said his work focuses primarily on his loved ones.

"He works primarily about making his own work about his family, but at the same time, he has a lot of commercial enterprises," she said. "What he's doing tomorrow on campus is that he's having critiques with senior photo students and he is giving a talk at 5 p.m. about his work."

Records' most recognizable work for Ball State students is attached to a movie to have hit the big screen only a few years ago.

He had an attachment to the "Where the Wild Things Are" because his son, Max Records, was playing the lead role of Max in the movie.

After the film wrapped, he published a book entitled, "Owner of this World," with behind-the-scenes pictures of the production.

Russell said one of the main reasons she asked Records to come speak was to help her students network and make connections. Records is the president of Photolucida, a non-profit that is dedicated to assisting and help launch the careers of photographers. Russell said Records is passionate about his position.

"He is really well connected just in terms of whom he knows in the photographic community," she said. "[Photolucida is] all about helping emerging and mint career photographers. He's well connected on a professional level, and that's one of the main reasons [he's speaking]. He's also a really congenial person, and I think people will have a good interaction with him."

This event is free for any student and is open to the public.


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