Occupy Muncie hosts 'Day of Direct Action'

Along with "Occupy" movements worldwide, Occupy Muncie commemorated the two-month anniversary of Occupy Wall Street on Thursday.

From 8 p.m. to midnight, Doc's Music Hall in downtown Muncie hosted "Occupy Muncie, Non Violent Day of Direct Action," where concerned citizens came to discuss ideas, celebrate the movement and listen to live music. The purpose of the event was to raise money for Occupy Muncie going into winter, and to encourage change. Throughout the night, their desire to be heard was clear.

Muncie musician John Peterson performed at the event.

"The Occupy movement needs a presence in Muncie," Peterson said. "We have one of the highest poverty rates in the state, and one of the highest unemployment rates. The movement really is exemplified by what happens here in Delaware County."

Protester Chad Larimore has attended every Occupy Muncie event since the movement began.

"We've had a lot of problems in this country," he said. "Recently, they've all started blowing up in our faces. It's time for real change."

Arana Brown, another participant of Occupy Muncie, said the movement is about taking control from those who abuse their power.

"We are out here because the people who are making decisions aren't taking into consideration the people who are being affected by those decisions," she said. "We deserve better. We can do better."

As Occupy Muncie nears the end of its first month of protest and prepares for the winter ahead, participants push to see more concern.

"I hope people come out and meet us," protester Mary Ogle said. "So many people have questions. Some don't understand where we're coming from. I want people to know why we're here."

With a wide range of views, many different approaches for making an impact in the future are considered.

Junior philosophy and psychology major Kai Bennett is a Ball State student providing large contributions to Occupy Muncie. He is involved in networking Muncie with surrounding towns. He said he plans to see Occupy Muncie become a source for information.

"We're going to have some panel discussions organized around January to start dialogue between community members and community leaders regarding some of the major themes of the occupy movement." He said. "We want to affect the community, and be more than just an occupation."

Bennett, and other contributors to Occupy Muncie, said that the "occupy" movement is a significant opportunity that shouldn't be ignored, and a chance for individuals from all walks of like to help make decisions about the direction of their country.

When it comes to disapproval of the movement, Bennett said that Occupy Muncie's long-running stance on opposition helps encourage cooperation, and deserves to be taken seriously.

"I tend to tell people that if they don't like the direction we're going, then they should join us and change us," he said. "Everybody is welcome. It's not us versus them. We are them."


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