Muncie St. Patrick's Day Parade attracts crowd over 1,000 people

With bags in hand, kids of all ages lined the sidewalks of Walnut, Charles and Mulberry street yesterday evening eagerly awaiting candy during the city of Muncie's annual St. Patrick's Day parade.

The parade lasted about 20 minutes, and it included a variety of attractions ranging from a group of cowboy actors to a gang of motorcycles representing American Bikers Aimed Toward Education.

The parade was canceled last year due to a lack of entries, but this year everyone who attended seemed pleased with it.

Muncie resident Carolyn King said there were more people in the parade than she thought.
"The one thing I missed was a marching band," she said. "There just wasn't enough noise."

Another noticeable element of the parade was the number of floats supporting a specific political campaign or organization. In fact, 36 of the 45 parade entries were politically geared.

"It's all politics," Tom Sloan, of the Muncie Fire Department, said. "Everyone's supporting someone."

Downtown Development program director and event manager Cheryl Crowder said she enjoyed the turn out with the number of spectators reaching into the thousands.

"This was probably the biggest St. Patrick's Day event I've been involved with in my ten years working with the Downtown Development partnership," she said.


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