Webinar helps women in workplace

The Muncie Innovation Connecter continued its series to help women improve their careers Wednesday.

The main focus of Wednesday's chapter called "Creating Your Leadership Brand" was creating and maintaining "brands," or titles that give women more influence in the workplace.

Creator of the Webinars Jo Miller spoke to women at the Innovation Connecter via teleconference. She asked questions about women's passions, talents and values in the office and used those qualities to form various brands they could use to garner the attention of coworkers.

"Jo Miller created these Webinars, all we do is disseminate the information and give people a convenient place to get it from," event coordinator Kirsten Smith said.

The Webinar also featured guest speaker Titina Ott, vice president of organizational effectiveness at Oracle Corporation. Ott has been helping professional women by strengthening talent and teaching the Oracle strategy.

"I felt compelled to ask what are we doing in our area," Ott said.

The Webinar was meant to teach women how to find their strengths and utilize those strengths to excel in the workplace.

"Jim Collins, the author of ‘Good to Great,' uses the hedgehog concept which teaches people to emphasize core strengths instead of multi-tasking," Miller said. "This allows workers to perfect their talents and build on the expertise they have."

The series had participants think about their passions, while asking them questions like "What can you be the best in the world at?"

Smith said the series has been well received mainly due to the convenience of the location and interest from the attendees.

"We [women] don't have many role models in high-tech positions," she said. "This series give anyone the opportunity to get the information."

Stephanie Huffman said she was pleased with the event and received positive information that she could use in the future.

"I think it is really important for women to realize and maximize their strengths and I think this Webinar helped me realize mine," she said.

Nancy Prater also was pleased with the information she was given.

"I'm glad they talked about passions in the workplace," she said. "A lot of times, the human aspect of work is taken out when advising people to get ahead in their fields, but the passion helped humanize workers more."

This was the fourth of six Webinars that focus on women and careers. The next segment in the series will take place on April 21 and is titled, "Are You The Invisible Employee?"

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Emphasizing strengths instead of multi-tasking
Determining your passion and how to utilize it in the workplace
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