Muncie citizens appreciate service through SGA's Make an Impact Day

 Annie Porter, 87, said she was thankful to Ball State University students for clearing off her sidewalk and trimming a tree in her front yard during Student Government Association's Make an Impact Day.

Students went out from 10 a.m. to noon in groups of three and served about 20 Muncie residents, most of whom were elderly or disabled. LifeStream Services helped coordinate the event and compile a list of residents for students to visit.

SGA President Beth Cahill, sophomore Kelly Levans and freshman Juanjuan Li worked at Porter's house for about an hour Saturday.

Porter said she's lived in Muncie for about 20 years, but before that she and her late husband were ministers with the African Methodist Episcopal Church for 51 years. On Saturday, she sat in her kitchen in the seat attached to her walker wearing a plaid dress and house slippers.

She said she likes to cook, but she isn't able to get around very well because of her lung condition called Sarcoidosis, which also keeps her inside during the winter. Porter said she likes to watch her grandchildren play under the tree Cahill was trimming in the spring when the weather is nicer.

"The tree was there when we moved here," she said. "It got too overgrown, and the grandchildren like to play there. They visit with me a lot, every summer."

Other students did various projects like washing windows, and shoveling snow was a common activity.

Some residents went out to help shovel snow alongside the students.

Rose Gilani, a first year doctoral student studying audiology, said the man whose house they were working on was about 60 years old, but he started shoveling snow alongside them. Afterwards, he was able to park in the driveway instead of on the street where it had been broken into before.

"He was great. He was funny. He even invited us to his church," Gilani said.

Senior Mallory Winkler, a member of SGA, said she was excited for the inaugural Make an Impact Day.

"The idea is good," she said. "In my sorority, we usually go to businesses and churches. This is a chance to get to know people in Muncie."

Freshman Nathan Stewart said he wanted to help because of his passion for helping people.

"I wanted to do something nice for them because I was thinking, I would want somebody to do something nice for my grandma," he said.

What- Make an Impact Day
When- 10 a.m. to noon Feb. 27
Where- Around Muncie
Why- To offer community service and interact with Muncie residents

About 60 students participated and served about 20 community members


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