CAP students work on award-winning project

Students from the College of Architecture and Planning have contributed to an award-winning project at the Indianapolis Center.

About 20 students contributed to a project to create design guidelines at Indianapolis' Regional Center, which received the 2010 National Planning Excellence Award for Best Practices by the American Planning Association.

According to a press release, Ball State University students contributed to the project by facilitating design guidelines, building the Web site and coordinating meetings. They also contributed by developing overall policy principles.

Working with the Indianapolis Center is a standing component of the CAP program. According to the Ball State Web site, this facility serves as a community resource for neighborhoods, organizations and local government by providing technical assistance in fields of design and planning. It also serves as an urban laboratory for students by facilitating Indianapolis-based studio design projects.

Marie York, who chaired APA's awards committee, said in a press release she considers the guidelines a crucial how-to manual for steering the development of downtown Indianapolis.

The award will be presented at APA's national conference in New Orleans on April 12.


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