BMH receives $2 million gift from estate

During his life time John Fisher was a 55-year member of the Ball Memorial Hospital board and local industrialists, but his contributions to the community did not stop there.

Officals annouced Tuesday that Fisher left $2 million to the BMH Foundation in his estate. Even months after his death Fisher is still making large contributions to the community.

Tricia Stanley, executive director of the BMH Foundation, said everyone was very surprised when they heard about the gift.

"You can never anticipate what type of gift the foundation will receive," she said. "We are always pleasently surprised with a gift of this magnitude. We believe this donation is the largest gift by a single donor in the history of the BMH Foundation."

Half of the donation will be specifically used for graduate medical education, while the other half can distributed by the board without restrictions.

Fisher was a long time BMH board member and the chair of Cardinal Health Systems. He was a long time supportor and contributor to the hospital, foundation and Muncie community.

"What Mr. Fisher tried to instill was the importance of BMH as well as the validity of the economy and community," Stanley said.


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