Letter to the editor: Due to popularity, buffet should stay open on weekends

Dear Editor,

I live in the Johnson Complex, and I love eating at the LaFollette dining services. I am especially fond of America's Buffet. It is fast, easy, delicious, and you don't have to rack your brain to see if you have enough money left to buy that pack of gum for history class later that afternoon.

Because of its extreme convenience, the buffet is a popular choice for students at any time of day, so why is it closed from Friday night until Sunday night?

No buffet on the weekend? What are we supposed to do? After the entire week of eating at the buffet, we are suddenly stripped of the handiness of a card swipe and all the food we want. Instead, we have to resort to going downstairs to dine at Out of Bounds or Courtside, which are excellent places to eat, but don't compare to the ease of the buffet. I'm sure that business dramatically drops on the weekends for on-campus food services, but I believe that because of its popularity, America's Buffet should stay open.

An option that the buffet could use to maximize profits on the weekends would be to not serve breakfast on Saturday and Sunday, which is when most students are catching up on their sleep. This would prevent the buffet from losing money because of the lack of customers in the morning. Then, by the time people start to wake up and go eat, the buffet would be open. This way, both the buffet and the students would have their ways and would meet in the middle, making both sides happy.

The buffet should run a trial weekend during which it would be publicized that the buffet would be open over the weekend and when food would be served. This would let the LaFollette dining services analyze their profits and see if being open on the weekends would be productive. I think they should give it a try.

Chris Clemens


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