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AT ISSUE: T-shirts emblazoned with 'MUNCIE!' gaining popularity for varying reasons

People are wearing Muncie's name out.

Four years ago, the American Advertising Federation began making t-shirts with "MUNCIE!" emblazoned on the front in bold type. Since then, the demand for the shirts has been extraordinary.

"We used to only order 100, but there was more of a demand for them," said BSU chapter president Matt Irving.

Irving said the group did fairly well selling the shirts and later learned that even more students were interested. Apparently, the shirts are popular because Muncie is considered funny.

"Usually, people come up to us and ask 'How did you guys come up with that?' People really liked it because some feel Muncie is somewhat of a joke." said AAF member Jennifer Lawson, who added that she has never heard of the shirts offending anyone.

"You could take it both ways," Lawson said. "You could wear it with pride or wear it as a joke."

Either way, people are wearing the shirts and sparking conversation. This is ultimately healthy, because opinions about Muncie inevitably will vary. The bottom line, however, is that people are prompted to talk about what Muncie means to them.

In the end, one word - "MUNCIE!" - can mean so much to so many.

This could be the beginning of a new era for Muncie. Whether the t-shirts are funny or an emblem of hometown pride, the ultimate result could be a campus and a town united under one idea: Muncie may not be the coolest place on Earth, but it's a decent place to live - if only for four years.


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