Our View: Let's Talk Parking

AT ISSUE: SGA sponsors forum with university officials to discuss parking policies with the public.

Ball State students, faculty and staff: If you have ever had a concern with Parking Services and wanted to share your thoughts with university officials, today is your lucky day.

Student Government Association is sponsoring a forum from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. today in Burkhart Building Room 109.

Panelists will include Kevin Kenyon, associate vice president, facilities planning and management, Randy Hyman, dean of students and Gene Burton, acting director of public safety.

Students are welcome to ask questions about parking regulations, lots and parking tag availability. It is important to note that this forum is not just a gathering to hear the same complaints over and over.

Remember, if you are going to complain, you had better have a valid point. If your only intention is to go and whine, this probably isn't for you.

Each week, letter writers raise concerns about Parking Services. All the letters are read and considered for publication. Many see print, and yet the campus parking problem remains.

People have been complaining about Parking Services ever since Parking Services became an entity. Now, all the concerns can be taken to this public forum, where university officials will hear you out and answer questions.

Also important to note is that SGA has sponsored this public forum. All the complaints about SGA not accomplishing much need to quiet down today, because the call for SGA action concerning campus parking has been answered.

Whether this forum solves anything or not, at least SGA and Parking Services have answered the call; they will hear your concerns if you attend.

With that in mind, it seems rather foolish to continue addressing them in the newspaper when you can take your concerns directly to the source.

Attend the forum - and be sure to park legally when you go.


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