Moderates not wafflers; recognize neither party is pure

Dear editor,

Fearing some readers may actually heed Russell Greim's Oct. 14 Daily News column proclaiming the Republican party's "moral integrity," I felt another counterpoint was needed.

While certainly no cheerleader for the Democrats, I'm also not gullible enough to believe many career politicians from either party put ethics first.

Granted, it would seem many notable Democrats are less adept at concealing their indiscretions, but are Republicans preferable because they're sneakier? He casts suspicion on Democrats for citing "secret sources" when exposing Republican corruption, yet they're probably just protecting some traitorous whistleblower from within the GOP.

Both parties have their extremes, and neither is good for the nation. "Slick Willie" Clinton's decadence is indisputable, but so is the fact that his administration presided over a healthier economy. Being "moderate" doesn't make you a waffler or wimp. Many besides myself believe in labor's right to organize and freedom of expression, but also support gun rights and capital punishment for murderers. Supporting "convenient" abortion is wrong, but so is answering the question of what to do with thousands of unwanted children by saying "build more prisons" like George Bush, Sr.

It would be great if elections really were as simple as "Good Guys vs. Bad Guys" like Greim claims, but real life isn't often that plainly defined, and despite the far-right moral majority's vigorous efforts, Christ still doesn't fit into the corporate boardroom or that three-piece suit.

Mr. Greim is still young and somewhat naive. He may eventually be disappointed to learn that the fierce rivalry between political parties is mostly a public sham, much like that of divorce lawyers. Both spouses' attorneys battle and argue like bitter enemies in court, then share martinis and laughs at their clients' expense later with the judge at their country club.


Rob Landfert

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