Farr Side: Infomercial consumers lack common sense

People are so gullible these days.

If the people -- probably professional actors and models -- on the infomercials say it will work then people will buy.

Recently, the Federal Trade Commission filed false advertising complaints against the marketers of AB Energizer, AB Tronic and Fast Abs according to a Ball State Press Release, because apparently you can't get "ripped," perfect abs in just a few weeks from using the electronic exercise belts that have hit the market recently.


Dissatisfied customers have filed hundreds of complaints with the FTC, according to the release.

It should not take a formal, public complaint for people to realize that informercials want our money and that is it. The companies don't care what happens after you buy their product.

Especially in the case of the ab belts. What intelligent person would actually spend money on a product that promises users of the device to actually wear the unit under your clothes while performing other activities and still get enough exercise to achieve perfect abs in record time without exerting any effort?

Josh Dobbs, associate coordinator of the adult fitness program at Ball State said, although the product may strengthen ab muscles, users should not expect abs like the models.

"The marketers say they work, but the equipment can't produce a cut midsection like you see on the models in the commercials," said Dobbs in a Ball State Press release.

Do people who purchase these products actually think that some sumo wrestler could try this thing for a couple of weeks and miraculously get Tyson Beckford abs?

No way.

The ab belts go for anywhere between $40 and $120 each. There are so many other things to spend your money on.

Let's say someone goes all out and wants the best abs money can buy -- they don't just settle for the $40 version they spend the full $120. Well, why not take that $120 and put it towards a membership at the YMCA and actually exercise. For college students it is about $30 a month and you are guaranteed that will work.

Or better yet spend the money on something fun and work out for free at Irving gym.

Or you could probably just put the money in a jar titled: Money for plastic surgery. Because unless you actually want to dedicate yourself to some real exercise -- a good plastic surgeon is what you are really going to need.

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