LETTER: Business owner thankful for exposure from Muncie Mardi Gras

Dear Editor,

Mardi Gras was a success. Many people showed up and had a great time. The downtown area was packed. Mr. King seems to think because we live in Muncie, we should wallow in misery rather than be able to cut loose and enjoy life with celebrations.

Yes John, I think events like this do help the beautification of downtown. The event brought many people to the downtown area so they can see the new businesses like Wishbone Gifts or Scented Creations. Exposure means more customers, a better tax base and yes, even more jobs.

Wishbone Gifts, Inc.'s official position is that Mardi Gras in Muncie rocked! If you couldn't enjoy yourself there, then you probably can't enjoy yourself too many places. I am looking forward to doing it again next year.

Rod Crossland
President Wishbone Gifts, Inc