EDITORIAL: Daily News supports Team Tolu for SGA

Like any other student organization, the Daily News was a stop on each SGA slate's campaign trail.

The Malloy slate and Team Tolu met with the editorial board last week for a question-and-answer session. Both Student Government Association slates were able to pitch their platforms to the editors of the Daily News, just as they have done with greeks, residence halls and other student groups.

After a discussion among editorial board members, the Daily News voted to endorse Team Tolu. Six members voted for Team Tolu, two for the Malloy slate and one abstained.

Team Tolu provides more experience within SGA than their opponents. Tolu Olowomeye is currently the SGA vice president and has been involved with the group for three years.

Team Tolu also came prepared with realistic goals and platforms that should matter to the student body. They showed solid campus awareness and an earnestness to tackle the needs of students.

Olowomeye and her team members come from diverse segments of campus life, representing a range of campus organizations including but not limited to Residence Hall Association, Black Student Association, Latino Student Union and greek organizations.

Our vote may not be representative of the opinions of all students. Whether you agree with us or not, your vote matters. Log onto www.bsu.edu/votebsu to let SGA and the rest of the Ball State community know your opinions.


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