OPINION: MLK Holiday should be spent wisely

Martin Luther King Jr. was a teacher and a student, for his teachings were based on those of other teachers. Each year, a day is set aside for us to take time to remember him and remember his teachings.

Do we use the day wisely?

People want the day off for different reasons. Some want the day for observance, while others will waste the day doing anything other than remembering.

Every year classes are not held on this particular day, two sides, one in favor of dismissing classes, another in favor of attending classes, will continue to debate.

The debate, however, has a way of muddling King's message; here, we want to take time to remind people rather than distract them.

We are all students of King. Each time we sit where we want, drink from whichever water fountain we want and attend whichever public school we want, we are students of his teachings.

We have the day off. If we spend even a small portion of the day remembering why, we will show we are still his students. If we spend another portion of the day with our children, we will be the teachers who have followed him.

This is our reminder: Use the day for something King would have used it for by either remembering the Dream, passing it on, or both.