Governance talk goes unattended

Only five members attended meeting; remaining people disappointed with turnout.

The turnout of the governance restructuring forum for the Teacher's College disappointed task force committee members Tuesday, according to member Renee Twibell.

The extremely low turnout of five faculty members provided the task force with less feedback than desired.

Twibell said she expected more people to attend.

"The number of people there was too low for the discussion we were hoping to have," she said.

According to Twibell and task force member Mark Popovich, two previous forums for the College of Architecture and Planning and the College of Business also had low turnouts.

"The forums are going poorly," Popovich said. "It makes me think that no one is interested in the issue."

The issue being discussed is the possible restructuring of the university's governance system. The decision will determine distribution of representation of students, faculty and professional personnel. It will also change the way legislation moves through the governance system.

Professor of educational studies Jayne Beilke attended the forum but was also unimpressed with the turnout.

"This may be a historic moment for the university if the governance system is changed," Beilke said. "If there is apathy in the governance system, maybe a change would be a good thing."

Beilke said she noticed people were also discouraged with the current governance system.

"It seems that it takes so long for legislation to get through," Beilke said. "A system that would streamline that would be a benefit."

Twibell said the purpose of having the forums was to get feedback.

"I would like to avoid having the faculty vote on an issue they were not informed about," she said.

Popovich and Twibell said they are looking to get the governance changes on the agenda by February. According to Twibell, this gives the task force time to make any modifications in March and April.


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