Bowling Green coach unleashes support for Lynch; condemns booers

Traditionally, Billy Lynch gets booed when he checks into a game. Wednesday that tradition stopped. Lynch checked in and the crowd cheered.

It's a good thing, too.

According to Bowling Green coach Dan Dakich, the booing was "ridiculous." And, when discussing the leadership Ball State showed Wednesday, Dakich took it upon himself to share his feelings regarding the Lynch booing.

"I was really impressed with Ball State," Dakich said. "They have great leadership with Petie Jackson and Billy Lynch."

Dakich went on to say the following, mostly without pause.

"If Ball State people boo Billy Lynch, then those students who do are dumber than I thought," he said. "That would be hard to beat, but that's how it is. What are you going to do? He's a wide receiver, battles his brains out in football and competes like crazy in basketball.

"I don't know what people want," Dakich said. "In this day and age I guess you have to be some sort of punk to get cheered and really good guys get booed. That just amazes me.

"I'm glad they didn't do it tonight because if they did I was going to tell them to shut up and if I saw (someone doing it) I was probably going to hit them. I think it's just ridiculous.

"I don't even know Billy Lynch," Dakich continued. "I have never talked to Billy Lynch in my life and I'm sure he doesn't need me to defend him. Having graduated of the Ivy league of Indiana - Indiana University - I'm not sure how much of a regard we had for the intelligence of Ball State students anyway. But if they are going to boo Billy Lynch, then we are going to go a little lower."