Strokes performance well worth the wait

Grade: A

A tightly packed, standing room only crowd for Sunday night's show featuring The Strokes didn't get to see the band until almost 10:40 p.m.

"Are you guys feeling good or what?" Strokes vocalist Julian Casablancas asked the screaming crowd, and the got right into the act with a tune called "Take It or Leave It."

The five-member band, dressed in vintage clothing and shaggy haircuts, was fun to watch and listen to.

Casablancas gave much personal attention to the audience, especially those standing in the first couple of rows. At one point during "Take It or Leave It," he laid on the stage while playing air guitar with the microphone stand and allowed audience members to touch him.

Next, the band performed "Last Nite," a hit released from the 2001 album "Is This It." This tune was energy personified, along with Casablancas, who continued to dance around and interact with the crowd by pointing and gesturing while singing the words.

Casablancas then said a few kind words regarding the city of Indianapolis, saying it was his first time in the city, and then the band dove into "This Is It," the album's title track. Most guitar parts were simple, but vigorously executed and energy-driven.

"New York City Cops" was next, a song not on the newest release of the album due to the Sept. 11 events.

Casablancas continued to have good crowd interaction, but he slowed down halfway through the band's hour long set, taking sips of beer between and even during songs.

During "Hard to Explain," he walked out into the crowd, singing to audience members while they touch his clothing and rubbed his hair.

The band also performed unreleased songs, including one titled "Meet Me in the Bathroom," with lyrics as simple as the title might suggest.

As the set came to an end, so did Casablancas' energy. He appeared tired, and it looked as though he almost lost his balance at some points.

But the crowd didn't seem to care.

Screaming and cheering came from the audience, and hands were raised in enthusiastic clapping when The Strokes ended the show with "Barely Legal." This was another tune the crowd sang along with.

And, of course, no concert could be complete without at least one crowd surfer.

At the end of the show, one Strokes member jumped onto the hands of front row spectators to complete an energetic and highly entertaining night that was well worth the wait.


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