Shafer Tower remains on schedule

Construction of Shafer Tower is on schedule, according to Kevin Kenyon, associate vice president of Facilities, Planning and Management.

"We're on time with the revised schedule, which was made after the legs had to be rebuilt," Kenyon said. "The structural part other than the limestone feet will be finished (Monday). The bells will be installed, and the scaffolding will come down."

Kenyon said installation of the 48 carillon bells began yesterday and should be complete at the end of this year.

After the bell installation, the tower will remain the same until Spring of 2002, when the area under the bell tower will be finished. According to Kenyon, this will be a granite circle that will lay underneath the structure.

"The tower itself is operational," he said. "How it is used is up to someone else."

The School of Music and the Department of Business Affairs will decide when the bells will be played, according to Kenyon.

Construction of Shafer Tower was delayed last spring after standard tests revealed materials being used to build the tower did not meet requirements for strength. It was originally scheduled to be completed last summer.


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