Enhance learning by keeping Saturday finals

Ball State has made strides in recent years toward raising its academic standards, becoming a more selective and academically prosperous university.

Indiana's community college system paved the way for Ball State to become a more selective university, and to no longer act as an open door for all Indiana students.

Yet along with this new vision for Ball State comes responsibility. The responsibility of students to recognize that they are at Ball State for one main purpose -- to learn. To gain the best education they can.

The Student Senate's academic affairs committee showed last month that it may not be leading the students in this responsibility. The committee introduced legislation, now tabled, that would eliminate Saturday finals from Ball State's academic schedule.

Senator Nick Zuniga, co-author of the legislation, said it was originally slated for last year, but was put on hold during the senate's successful efforts to make Martin Luther King, Jr. Day a vacation. If the Saturday finals legislation goes through, SGA will have removed two academic days from the calendar in just as many years.

Saturday finals may be an inconvenience, but is their elimination really worth deleting yet another day from the academic calendar?

One would think SGA could find more important things to do than working to keep students out of the classroom.


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