COLUMN: Greeks have many reasons to be thankful

It is the time of year again to celebrate Thanksgiving. On Thursday, we all crowded around the table and stuffed ourselves on turkey, dressing and that weird stuff that passes for cranberry sauce.

Hopefully, the year has found all of my readers thankful for at least one thing. I am truly grateful for all my family and friends, as well as the many blessings that have been bestowed upon me through 2001.

We as a greek system also have a multitude of things to be thankful for. We often times get a negative portrayal by the media and administration, yet we have much to be commended for.

The first thing we should be thankful for are dedicated student leaders. From the individual chapters all the way to the IFC who is now headed by Tony Biloto, there are men who are committed to making a difference and dedicated to bringing honor and dignity to our community. These are the ones who represent us all, and they are the ones who have chosen to be the role models for greek men. I wish them luck, and commend them for their courage.

We also have a committed administration for us to work with. Over the last semester Rob Turning has been the bull's eye for criticism and anger since the new alcohol policy, which he had nothing to do with, was dumped into his lap in his first semester. He has handled the challenge admirably and has done his best to ensure that chapters are aware of the specifics of the policy, and trying to work with them, not against them, in handling this difficult situation.

Another area that is due some thanks is the issue of unity. I will grant that there are great strides to be made in this department, but I am positive that the leaders that I mentioned above are committed to furthering this issue. We are all greeks together, and the differences between the ideals and issues we all strive for are minuscule at best. We have got to come together. It is an issue of life and death. There is nothing that greeks could not accomplish if we were dedicated together and committed to change. Through unified chapters and men, our greek system could accomplish anything and everything we ever imagined.

It's true. We do have things to be thankful for. Are there changes to be made? Of course. Do we have the power to do it? You better believe it. We have a solid foundation that allows us the ability to be the best.

Thanksgiving is a time of family and friends and giving thanks for all the good things in our lives. I am thankful that I made the decision to join my fraternity. I am thankful that I have made contacts with over 100 men who will be my brothers for life. I am thankful for them all, even Spotty.

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