COLUMN: Cram it all back in the bag

It's that time again. Time to pull out my two suitcases and attempt to stuff all of my worldly possessions into them. I'm not going to lie here people - this is a task I'm not excited about.

With only six days left, the panic button has officially been hit. When we came to London two and a half months ago, we were allowed to check two suitcases and have one carry-on and a purse or briefcase.

Now, I know this may sound like a lot, but you go sit in front of your closet and try to figure out what you want to wear and will need for almost the next three months time. See, it's not so easy is it?

To add insult to injury, we also have a 70-pound weight limit on the two suitcases and a 40-pound limit for the carry-on. Do the math and you'll see that's only 180 pounds...we're not even talking the weight of many college students here. Come on, throw me a bone here people.

It really wouldn't have been so bad if I wouldn't have found a renewed love for books while I was here. You could say I've went on a book buying frenzy while I've been in London.

I will blame this on Irvine Welsh. Who is he? Why is he the man of my demise? Well, most of you would know him as the author of "Trainspotting." Since he's a British author and I'm in Britain, I have easier access to a lot of his work that I can't find at home. Oh, and it's cheaper too. This is good in one respect, but bad in the sense that books take up a lot of weight and space. I've quadrupled my collection since I've been here; he is one of my favorite authors after all. Why not+â-èown everything? I'm sure to pay for it later, though. I assure you.

We won't even get+â-èinto+â-èall of the photography books and stacks of postcards+â-èI've acquired. I could leave a paper trail from here to Muncie and would still have leftovers. I'm just that good.

It makes me almost wish I would have saved money from checking my e-mail so much and put it towards the impending baggage fees. But then again, that would be practical, so you know I can't have that.

Not only am I worried about the weight issue, I'm also worried+â-èthat I am going to have to leave things behind. This is a delicate subject matter for me, especially since I brought most of my favorite clothes with me. To have to choose which one(s) to leave behind will be almost as hard as the decision process I underwent when choosing only 24 CDs to listen to for a semester. But don't worry, I've bought more of those as well.

Perhaps it would just be cheaper if I rented a boat or plane and brought all of my cargo back, or maybe I should just quit buying so much. It's easier said than done though.

I mean, when faced with the choice of buying a life-size Big Ben clock tower or not, well, let's just say the choice is obvious... wrap it up, I'll take it.

So until next time kiddies, pack 'em deep and sell 'em cheap.

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