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Input 2 S3E1: We all float down here

09/15/2017 4:35pm

In this episode, we look at the biggest horror movie in the theaters right now, It. What makes this film better or different than other recent horror movies? Why are children such an important part of horror movies as a whole? how does this film compare to the 1990 Tim Curry mini-series? What do we want from the inevitable sequel? All this and more on this episode of Input 2!

Fall Out Boy releases new song and announces the Fall Out Boy Fund

09/15/2017 3:45pm

This morning, Chicago based rock group, Fall Out Boy, released the newest single off their upcoming album MANIA. The song, “The Last of the Real Ones” is the third single to be released in promotion of their seventh studio album, which was originally going to be released this month but has been pushed back until January 19th. 

Remixed S2E1: The old Taylor's dead and VMAs recap

09/09/2017 2:49pm

We’re back with a new season of Remixed! This week we take a look at New Taylor’s new song, give our thoughts on Frank Ocean’s nonchalant single release, and recap what went down at the VMAs. Tune in next week for another episode of Remixed! 

'The Magic School Bus' remake and how to cater to millennials 101

09/08/2017 3:02pm

Just give us an opportunity to relive our childhoods and escape the world we were raised in for a few hours and we’re good to go. And studios everywhere have picked up on this: that the most appealing element to millennials when it comes to the media we consume is nostalgia. 

Nineteen Years Later: The Harry Potter Journey

09/03/2017 1:39pm

For the past ten years, these words have resonated with Harry Potter fans around the world, for these words closed the story on the Boy Who Lived. Or so we thought. Since reading these words in the "Nineteen Years Later" epilogue to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Potterheads everywhere have only seen the Wizarding world grow.