Nolan Leahy

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Ball State hosts teams competing in Global Game Jam 2018

01/31/2018 7:45pm

Last weekend marked Ball State’s 2nd annual participation in the Global Game Jam event, which sees contestants attempt to create a stand-alone game in just 48 hours. We (Eben Griger and Nolan Leahy) had a chance to playtest some of the final products and talk to some of those involved.  

The good, the bad, and thoughts on the latest Nintendo Direct Mini

01/16/2018 4:42pm

A few superb details came out of this Direct Mini. Mario Tennis gets a promising new title to continue its spin-off franchise. The well-acclaimed Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze is getting a port, which means that those who skipped the Wii U will have another chance to buy the game.  

The Year in Review: Byte’s Top-Reviewed Games of 2017

12/29/2017 6:32pm

Another year of Byte reviews allowed us to shine a light once again on a wealth of games worth playing. Sure, there were some duds, but the masterpieces far outweighed them. The year 2017 featured improvements on recent installments of the Destiny and Sonic franchises, plus a spectacular first-year showing for the Nintendo Switch including obligatory new beauties in the Mario and Zelda departments. And with Cuphead bringing some mainstream attention to a brand-new indie studio, the future of independent gaming has never looked brighter.

‘Super Mario Odyssey’: A tip of the hat to the new generation

11/14/2017 10:06am

'Super Mario Odyssey' is a worthy successor to the 3D Mario games and an incredible addition to the Nintendo Switch library. The possession mechanic brings Mario’s adventure into a whole new light that keeps the player’s curiosity going. Despite Odyssey’s few flaws, the ample amount of creative moon challenges and the phenomenal level design make the game feel like an escape, encouraging the player to let out their inner child.

Assistant director discusses his experience in creating ‘Bunkerville’

10/26/2017 6:35pm

Carson Crow is the assistant director for the musical and a theatre student here at Ball State. In the past, he was an assistant director  for performances such as Boeing-Boeing, Everything will be Different: A Brief History of Helen of Troy, and Hairspray. He also directed a smaller scale musical John and Jenn in the Cave Studio Theatre.