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‘Super Mario Odyssey’: A tip of the hat to the new generation

11/14/2017 10:06am

'Super Mario Odyssey' is a worthy successor to the 3D Mario games and an incredible addition to the Nintendo Switch library. The possession mechanic brings Mario’s adventure into a whole new light that keeps the player’s curiosity going. Despite Odyssey’s few flaws, the ample amount of creative moon challenges and the phenomenal level design make the game feel like an escape, encouraging the player to let out their inner child.

Assistant director discusses his experience in creating ‘Bunkerville’

10/26/2017 6:35pm

Carson Crow is the assistant director for the musical and a theatre student here at Ball State. In the past, he was an assistant director  for performances such as Boeing-Boeing, Everything will be Different: A Brief History of Helen of Troy, and Hairspray. He also directed a smaller scale musical John and Jenn in the Cave Studio Theatre. 

If you’re stuck on ‘Cuphead’, here’s six tips to help you beat it

10/12/2017 6:26pm

There’s no secret that this game has some frustratingly difficult bosses. Just be reminded that this game is unique in its art style and music... Many are comparing this game to a platformer version of Dark Souls because of how often the player dies. In my own personal playthrough, I’ve died over 750 times. This game is intended to be a challenge in its greatest moments and at its worst.