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iPhone X: Specs and details

09/15/2017 3:42pm

After a litany of iPhones all bearing incremental numbers, Apple has decided to skip the iPhone 9 and reveal the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X (pronounced “iPhone ten”) at the same time. 

Apple's new phones get leaked to public ahead of press conference

09/18/2017 3:43pm

Here’s what we know: iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are coming. Both support a faster processor, wireless charging, and a glass-backed body rather than a metal one. The 8 Plus sports a processor a bit faster than its little brother, 3 gigabytes of RAM as opposed to the 8’s 2 gb. 

Worldwide drone database could be coming

09/10/2017 4:23pm

In the US alone, drone enthusiasts put up such a fight against the Federal Aviation Admission that the FAA eventually repealed it's law requiring drones to be entered in a national registry, after only a year and a half. 

Leaks show what Apple will and won’t fix

09/07/2017 1:22pm

Sources at Business Insider have gotten their hands on Apple’s “Visual/Mechanical Inspection Guide,” a 22-page document detailing just what can and cannot be fixed under warranty. So far, nothing unearthed is illegal, but it’s not exactly pro-consumer either.