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Hoosier tech CEO warns of Indiana’s future as a tech-friendly city in an open letter to the state

02/12/2018 3:13pm

Josh Driver, CEO of tech start-up Selfless.ly and the man behind Open for Service, released “an open letter to the state of Indiana,” in response to the state’s failure to pass a hate crime bill in the form of Senate Bill 418. Indiana remains one of five states without such a bill, which increases the penalties for crimes influenced by the victim’s race, ethnicity, religion, gender or sexual orientation.

Ball State hosts teams competing in Global Game Jam 2018

01/31/2018 7:45pm

Last weekend marked Ball State’s 2nd annual participation in the Global Game Jam event, which sees contestants attempt to create a stand-alone game in just 48 hours. We (Eben Griger and Nolan Leahy) had a chance to playtest some of the final products and talk to some of those involved.  

Actor James Franco under fire after harassment accusations

01/13/2018 10:16pm

James Franco, star of movies such as The Disaster Artist and This is the End, was the subject of controversy after his Golden Globe win this past week. During his time at the event, Franco was seen wearing a #timesup button... That same night, multiple women spoke out against Franco over Twitter.

As Accusations Grow, Lauer Releases Apology

12/02/2017 3:21pm

Former Today Show host Matt Lauer has released a statement regarding the sexual assault allegations against him. This comes a day after NBC received two new complaints about Lauer’s behavior.

'Overwatch' pro team fires manager after sexual assault allegations

11/08/2017 10:26am

In what might be the quickest turn-around between allegation and repercussion, the manager of Overwatch e-sports team San Francisco Shock Max Bateman was let go just 14 hours after the abuse allegations were shared over Twitter. A woman under the handle Krystlin had tweeted that Bateman had sexually assaulted her in September after giving her a drink that made her go “in and out of consciousness” and driving her back to his home.