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Dominic’s Politics: Mass shootings are rising, it’s time we fight for regulation and entrust our law enforcement

10/20/2017 11:32am

 Las Vegas, Nevada. Orlando, Florida. Blacksburg, Va. Newtown, Connecticut. Burlington, Washington. New York City, New York. Los Angeles, California. Mattoon, Illinois. San Bernardino, California. Irving,Texas. Seattle, Washington. Some of these cities you’ve probably never heard of. Others ring loudly in your ear as they’ve been drilled into your head by the media.

DOMINIC'S POLITICS: We can't forget the Chechens

04/26/2017 12:17pm

The treatment of gays across the world is awful. In some places, it is even deadly. People are being killed and tortured and I think it is not getting the attention that it deserves.

DOMINIC'S POLITICS: Bombs are not always the answer

04/18/2017 5:18pm

For probably the first and only time, I find myself almost agreeing with Trump. The Syrian airstrikes were not a bad thing. The Assad regime needed to know that chemical weapons will not be tolerated.