Dominic Bordenaro is a freshman political science major and writes "Dominic's Politics" for the Daily News. His views do not necessarily agree with those of the newspaper. Write to Dominic at

Dominic Bordenaro

Millennials outnumber baby boomers. That’s right, our generation is larger than our parents. That means our voice in politics is becoming increasingly more important and we influence the election results in more ways than ever before.

Yes, we even influenced this past election. The problem, however, is we influenced it by not showing up.

Millennial turnout was down across the board. There are many theories as to why: distrust with the system, unpopular candidates, etc. No matter the reason, it resulted in the wrong people getting into offices of power.

There is no excuse. The system will never change unless we vote and put the best candidate into office.

However, we have to do more than just vote, and we aren’t.

Millennials are far more likely to sign a petition for a cause they care about rather than donate money or volunteer for an organization supporting that cause, which is far more effective.

We get so entrapped in our social media echo chambers that we forget there is real work that has to be done. We forget that many people have different opinions.

Now, I’m not saying everyone should drop what they are doing and take their time and money and put it toward a cause, but I know there are more of you that have the resources and the will to do so. A lack of civil engagement leads to a weak democracy and that should not happen in this country.

We’ve seen the results of this past election. The election was in the hands of our generation and we failed.

The fault is not all in the hands of millennials. Campaigns, especially state and local races here in Indiana, did a terrible job reaching out to the youth this cycle. Instead of focusing on future generations, they were worried more about getting endorsements and holding fundraisers. Some thought their name would lead them to victory. Campaigns must engage the youth, but our generation also needs to be willing.

Instead of signing that petition, reach out to an organization that supports your cause and see what you can do to help. Join an organization on campus. There are plenty of politically affiliated groups at Ball State, both liberal and conservative.

In two years, find a campaign you are passionate about, or have interest in, and see what they would like you to do. No matter your skills, a campaign can put you to work.

This cycle, we failed by electing one of the most unqualified candidates to the highest office in the land. There are two issues that millennials care about the most: education and healthcare. I think most of us would agree we are moving in the wrong direction on both of those issues.

We need to put better people into office. Campaigns need our help, they can’t win alone. So, tie up those laces, get out there and let’s get to work so a man like Donald Trump is never elected again.

And for the sake of democracy, be informed and VOTE.