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Dominic Bordenaro

For probably the first and only time, I find myself almost agreeing with Trump. The Syrian airstrikes were not a bad thing. The Assad regime needed to know that chemical weapons will not be tolerated.

However, I still have a huge problem with not only our position in Syria, but our position in the entire Middle East.

We just keep dropping bombs.

These bombs do not just kill military targets; they kill civilians. Even recently, we killed over 200 civilians in Iraq. That’s 200 moms, dads, brothers and sisters that will never go home again.

That is assuming they had a home.

As the US-led coalition forces continue to drop bombs, we are destroying every piece of infrastructure in the Middle East. We are leaving people there with nothing left to fight for. Yet, as we destroy their homes, their places of work and their people, we refuse to provide any aid.

They cannot fight for themselves if we leave them with nothing to fight for.

No wonder they hate us.

We are causing the refugee crisis, yet we are fighting to stop refugees from entering our country.

I often hear excuses such as “we need to focus on our own problems.” Are we not capable of doing both? Can we not help others in their time of need, especially when we are one of the causes? What is the point of living if we just watch while others suffer? We are not just Americans, we are humans.

Instead of building a wall, we should be providing food and shelter for the people displaced by our bombs.

Now, I am well aware there are other factors playing into the refugee crisis. There are civil wars, terrorist organizations and out-of-control regimes. Countries in the region have showed an unwillingness to fight.

When a person is in trouble, when a person is crying out for help, it is our responsibility to help them. Do we not remember what happened when we refused to help the Jews when they needed it?

If you call for the bombing of countries, but refuse to allow those into the country who need it, you are wrong. We must become a better society, a better country, than what we are portraying ourselves to be.