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UPDATE: No motive in fatal weekend shooting

02/07/2017 6:52pm

The Muncie Police Department have interviewed at lest six people regarding the death of 38-year-old Joseph Johnson and are continuing to make calls as of Monday. Officers spent hours at the crime scene on Sunday and was eventually expanded to include the whole 1500 block of Pershing Drive. Johnson was found deceased in the street outside his home when officers arrived around 4:30 a.m.

Students, professor weigh in on legitimacy of 'freshman 15'

03/31/2015 5:28pm

Four energy drinks, a bag of Doritos, Easy Mac, and a whole pizza at 2 a.m. Welcome to the diet of a college freshman. Foods like these make up the recipe for the "freshman 15," the amount of weight college students are expected to gain their freshman year.