Apple’s latest iPhone is on the way and will be revealed Tuesday. Many heavily anticipate its release, but the expected specs are nothing more than whispers at the moment.

The issue that The Wall Street Journal brings up today is the fact that the iPhone 8’s production has slowed due to “production glitches.”

With these production glitches, it harmed the expected product available for the iPhone 8’s launch. The Wall Street Journal said that some analysts predict only 5 million units at launch.

What’s worse is the expected price point at which Apple wants to sell their device. The new iPhone 8’s price, which was speculated back in February by Byte writer Bradly Dean Jones, is expected to be over $1000. This is also the predicted price by The Wall Street Journal and other media outlets.

Due to a recent leak from 9to5mac, it’s also now revealed that Samsung is the sole supplier of the iPhone 8’s OLED screens and further constitutes the reasoning to such a high price.

According to 9to5mac writer Zac Hall, “… KGI estimates OLED unit cost at $120-$130 per unit versus the $45-$55 unit cost of LCD panels.” With Samsung making money off the OLED screens, Apple is betting hard that this new model will bring in “between $49 billion to $52 billion in sales in the September quarter”, according to tom’s guide.

Apple needs to greatly appease consumers with new features on the iPhone 8, because it’s going to severely harm the company considering that they are directly dealing with their primary competitor.

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Image: Engadget

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