Already this academic year, the Student Government Association has progressed with platform points and set programs in motion, like lengthening the time Blue Loop runs and establishing a shuttle to and from the Farmers Market.

To make more headway from an already active start, however, the operating budget needs Senate approval, which didn’t happen Wednesday—instead, the vote was tabled.

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Next meeting

When: Sept. 27 at 3:15 p.m.

Where: L.A. Pittenger Student Center, Cardinal Hall B

What: Among regular agenda items, a platform point update from SGA President Greg Carbó

The proposed budget for this academic year totals to about $105,000, treasurer Kaia Thompson said, including some funds rolling over from the previous semester.

Though Thompson presented a spreadsheet during the meeting detailing to whom funds were allocated, some senators were concerned with proportions.

Senator Kam Bontrager voiced worry over allocation proportions between two separate initiatives: one to promote mental health, and another to support student-teacher relationships.

Thompson and secretary Lizzie Ford said funds that would be put toward promoting mental health would directly benefit the Counseling Center; however, money for student-teacher relationships would go toward supporting class projects that students and faculty would otherwise have to pay for out-of-pocket.

In the proposed plan, $1,000 was allotted to promoting mental health. More was set aside for student-teacher relationships. When the Daily News asked for a digital copy of the proposed operating budget, Thompson declined. 

“[Mental health] should be one of the highlights from you guys’ budget, because this is a huge topic,” Bontrager said. “I would like to see more money for that.”

Chief of staff Lafayette Jordan said the proposed budget would allow for discretionary spending —that is, if deemed necessary, more money could be given to mental health initiatives than what was originally approved by Senate. 

Other funding allotments, like $6,500 for Cardinal Kitchen to expand its inventory and reach, were met with acceptance during discussion.

Eventually, a motion was passed to table a vote approving the proposed budget. Now, it will be saved until the next Senate meeting Sept. 27.

SGA president Greg Carbó said in the next meeting he will update the Senate floor on platform point progress thus far. 

The open-door meeting will be at 3:15 p.m. in the L.A. Pittenger Student Center in Cardinal Hall B.