Blue Loop buses will now run from early November to early May as a result of Student Government Association action, the organization announced Monday.

In conjunction with the extension, the loop will also begin using larger buses in order to serve more riders at one time. 

Previously, the Blue Loop only ran between Thanksgiving break and spring break. The Loop’s route, which includes multiple stops off campus, will remain the same.

A bill to extend the route’s running time was originally proposed by SGA representative Michael Brandon in April. The SGA senate unanimously approved the resolution soon after.

“We pushed for this change because a lot of students ride the Blue Loop and feel safer because of it,” SGA President Greg Carbo said in a press release. 

In order to ensure the Blue Loop will run during these months, the Office of Transportation and Services needs more student drivers. Students can apply through the Cardinal Career Link. 

“The need for more student drivers is extremely crucial to the success and longevity of having the Blue Loop extended,” Carbo said. “It's an amazing job that provides great pay and even better opportunity for an after-school side hustle.” 

Many students were quick to embrace the proposal.

“I’ve been wanting this to happen for forever,” sophomore psychology major Melissa Brayfield said. “It sucks to have to walk so far to catch a shuttle.” 

Progress resumed on the bill with the start of fall semester. Sue Weller, director of facilities, business services, transportation and space studies, said in August that Transportation Services was working to find a way to serve more riders on the Blue Loop.

“We have always worked well with SGA and I look forward to continuing that relationship,” Weller said in an email Aug. 22.

With the completion of the extended Blue Loop route, OPTiC finished its platform point on advancing technology on campus. Additionally, the point resulted in the installation of more charging stations around campus, as well as printers on every floor of the library.