A new group in Muncie is hoping to incite change by encouraging people to join together.

Muncie Resists is a local group focusing on creating opportunities to connect like-minded people who want to make a difference in Muncie. By offering resources to community members who want to make their voices heard, they hope to inspire people to stand up for each other and preserve democracy and advocate for social justice.

“Our focus is here at home,” said G. Patterson, an assistant professor of English at Ball State and one of the group’s leaders. “We resist apathy, this sense that none of us should bother getting involved because nothing will change for the better.”

By working with local partners, the group also hopes to elect forward-thinking officials who support a more inclusive understanding of Hoosier values, Patterson said. 

Those “Hoosier values” are defined in the group’s mission statement. 

“Hoosiers pride themselves in their commitment to taking care of their own," Patterson said. "In that spirit, Muncie Resists claims every Hoosier as one of our own.”

That sort of inclusion and values plays a big role in the group’s goal of making change in local government.

“Our members resist the narrative that, just because we are different from one another, we cannot work together,” Patterson said.

The group is focusing its efforts currently on the city, county and state levels of government. It is hoping to help residents by encouraging and assisting people in getting out to vote in local elections.

“We’re doing our part to organize volunteers to register people to vote and to encourage them to participate in midterm elections,” Patterson said. “While it’s a bit too soon to say which candidates we’ll support, we’re invested in electing people who will listen to their constituents.”

The group meets from 6:15 to 7:15 p.m. on the first and third Wednesdays of every month and can be reached for information on meetings and how to join at muncieresistors@gmail.com.