As Americans take time to honor those who served in the military on Veteran’s Day, the Ball State community doesn’t have to look too far.

Terry Crow, one of Ball State’s student veterans, served in the United States Army for nearly 15 years before becoming a student at the university.

“I chose to become active in the military for a few reasons,” Crow said. “One, was my dad served in the United States Army. I [also wanted] to give opportunities to my son, Colby, who was 6 months old when I joined the Army.”

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Crow was deployed to Iraq from January 2004 to 2005, and then returned to Iraq from November 2005 to November 2006.

He said he created many memories during his time serving in the Army. Crow, originally from Arizona, got the chance to live in Alaska for a couple of years during his service, which he found to be an experience he will not soon forget.

Another aspect of serving in the Army that Crow will always remember are opportunities had to travel abroad. During his time in the Army, Crow visited numerous countries such as England, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Qatar, Canada and Hungary.

Crow also explained that he will never forget the friendships he formed during his time serving in the Army.

“[I will never forget] serving with the best of friends when deployed,” Crow said. “[We] came back closer and stronger for each other after spending a year away from family and friends.”

After serving his time in the Army, Crow came back to the United States and chose to study sports training, administration and management at Ball State.

He had always been interested in coming to the university; however, it was his son, Colby, who lives in Wabash, Indiana, who helped him make his choice. With Muncie being just a car ride away from Wabash, Ball State was the ideal choice.

According to an article published by the United States Census Bureau in 2014, there are currently 19.3 million American veterans today. The same survey concluded that over one-fourth of those veterans hold a bachelor’s degree or higher.

After serving in the armed forces, many veterans choose to pursue a college education.

Ball State has many student veterans who have chosen to pursue a degree after being part of the armed forces.

The university has its own Veteran Affairs program, which works with more than 400 students and family members who are affiliated with the university. Ball State also encourages its student veterans to become part of the Student Veteran Organization, which provides guidance and assistance to student veterans.

The SVO brings together current veterans, active duty soldiers and future veterans. It encourages its members to excel academically as well as gives its members a place to experience personal growth.

The SVO also participates in service projects throughout the school year in order to help members connect with fellow veterans.

Crow is a member of Ball State’s SVO.

“I chose to join the SVO because I want to continue to serve our great nation and its veterans,” Crow said. “We are all different, but we all have one thing in common, and that is we served the United States and want to help each other succeed, regardless of what branch we have served in.”

The United States celebrates Veterans Day each year in order to honor and pay respect to those who have served in the country’s armed forces, just as Crow did.

“What makes me proud of being a veteran is that I served the people of the best country in the world, the United States,” Crow said. “I will always thank every person who made my life in the military a great experience, and want them to know that I did it for them, not for me.”