A preacher on campus angered some students before they left for Spring Break on March 4. 

Brother John from Cincinnati was preaching against homosexuality and sodomy on campus, for the most part.

Some students were getting angry with the preacher, yelling and getting into arguments with him. 

Students were surrounding him in a circle, taking pictures and videos with their phones as he spoke. Some students decided to have a sit-in and sat in a clump next to him with rainbow flags.

Kassidy Norman, a voice performance major, said she felt upset and angry with the preacher's words. 

"I do realize that people do have the right to express their opinions, but they've been very vulgar with me and they also told me, 'Why don't you ... set yourself on fire?' because I expressed that I am a lesbian," Norman said. "Probably about half of those things on their banner are very offensive."

University Police Department Chief James Duckham said during things like this, they try to address student concerns and try to educate the community. 

"All people have the right to do what the constitution allows them to do, just as long as it's safely," Duckham said.