Scotty’s Brewhouse will be opening at least two new restaurants across the nation in 2016.

Owner Scott Wise said after being contacted 3-5 times per week from people who wanted him to open more restaurants, he researched and visited areas for possible expansion.

“I never wanted to stop at Indiana," Wise said "I wanted to grow this thing as comfortably as I can."

Scotty’s Brewhouse will open in Champaign, Ill., and Punta Gorda, Fla., in the spring. Wise has looked at the Illinois market for about three years. The Punta Gorda location will be on the water with three all-glass walls. 

Scotty's currently has 14 restaurants open in Indiana only. 

Numbers have never been one of Wise's focuses, but he hasn't hired a real estate agent and does everything himself for the business. Rather than making a five- to ten-year plan, he budgets year-by-year and has the 2016 budget set. 

But he doesn’t call all of that work, because it doesn’t feel like work, he said.

“As long as it [doesn't feel like work], I want to keep doing it. You achieve a goal and then you reset them,” Wise said. “Let’s grow smart, let’s have fun, city by city.”

One more restaurant is never enough for him, he said. In addition to the two restaurants that have been signed to open, there is the possibility of up to three more opening.