Mammoth Indigo, an indie/art rock band from Yorktown, Virginia, makes a return to Be Here Now on Aug. 30 to kick-off their upcoming tour. The show will mark their third show in Muncie in the past year.

The Daily News spoke to drummer Eric Singer about the band’s previous experiences in Muncie and life as a touring band.

Q: Why did you choose Muncie to start the tour?

A: Well, we got asked to play the Fashion Meets Music Festival in Columbus, Ohio, and we just wanted something to get back into the groove of touring before we play the festival. You know, just to be ready.

And we have a really good relationship with the owner of Be Here Now, Whitney [Stump].

Q: What brought you guys to Muncie the first time?

A: On the first tour, we were new to touring and just being a band. When we were planning that tour, we didn’t have our album finished yet. And we were pretty new, so we just reached out to anybody that would let us come in.

We had a few songs that we shot out to some venue owners. Whitney was one of the ones that got back to us.

He hooked us up with a pretty good other band and an acoustic guy. We just put out a ton of feelers, and whoever got back to us, we went there.

Q: What should fans expect from this tour? Do things change from tour-to-tour?

A: Absolutely. We get better as people, we getter as musicians and we also get more cohesive as a band.

Every tour is different. And with every show, you get a little bit better. This our third nationwide tour in the past year, so I think fans can expect a more cohesive band and a tighter sound.

We’re always working on ways to keep it fun and engaged. We have so much fun on stage.

Q: What kind of tour antics do you guys engage in?

A: Every single town is different, and all the people we meet are different. But from day-to-day, we eat a lot of tuna. I think we survived our whole first tour on tuna.

We invent little games to pass the time. And we always have bands we want to show each other, so we go through entire anthologies of different bands on the drive.

Q: Who are some artists the band has been listening to lately?

A: Tune-Yards’ new album, we’ve been listening to that a lot. And this band called the Soil and the Sun from Grand Rapids, Michigan. They’re on tour right now. They are awesome and so cool. Also, we’ve been listening to this band out of New Orleans we really like, and played with a few times, called Caddywhompus. They’re real cool.

We like Kings of Leon, Brand New and Manchester Orchestra, so we’ll flash it back to them. We’ve been listening to this guy called Elvis Depressedly, and he’s pretty cool. I think it’s one of the coolest band names I’ve heard in my entire life.

The lineup for the evening is Wax Works, Mammoth Indigo and Rudy Valdez and the Howlin’ Bastards.

The show starts at 10 p.m. For those over 21, the admission is donation only. For those under 21, the admission is $5. People with a Ball State ID can get a $1 discount.